Women on periods and mood disorders- DEDICATED TO ALL MEN OUT THERE!

Hi my beautiful friends!

This post is especially dedicated to all those men out there.

Dear men,

                 Before you make that next “she is being being moody because she is on her period” comment, you hve to know something, and that is the fact that periods don’t make women moody. The real enemy here is PMS, or premenstrual syndrome.

The ovaries produce hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that maintains the endometrium (inner layer of uterus) in a stable state inorder to support the fertilized ova or the zygote(single cell stage) of the foetus.

Incase there is no fertilization, in the absence of sperm, these hormones enter the blood stream and mess up the girls brain and makes her susceptible to be more cranky than usual.

Sounds fun huh!

So men, the next time the woman in your life seems moody, deal with it. After all, without the byproduct of PMS, the very existence of our species may be altered. It’s a small price to pay for being born.


Women on periods and mood disorders- DEDICATED TO ALL MEN OUT THERE!


Reasons why ME BEFORE YOU ruined me – A thorn for every heart.

Hi, my beautiful friends,

I know that I am writing about a film, that was released almost a year ago, I know I am late, but please bear with me,

The reason why I didn’t watch this movie before, was because I simply cried watching the trailer. I have no clue why, those two minutes affected me so much, that I decided to NEVER watch that movie. I am the kind of person that watches movies only when I am sad, or when I am extremely stressed, when I need a serious distraction, and so, I watch only movies that have a happy ending.


Like literally, I make sure that the movies that I watch does not include, cancer or any other medical condition (where the characters die) or a depressing love story.

Unfortunately ME BEFORE YOU WAS BOTH, it involves a Louisa Clarke (Emilia Clarke) a young charming girl who takes up the job of a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who is paralyzed from an accident.

This was certainly one amoungst those movies that I did’nt want to end, even though the ending was exactly what I did not wish for.

The story revolves around how Will, a typical rich man, who misses his extravagant life after the accident, where he if left paralysed below the level of his neck and how he considers himself a burden to the people around them, that he decides to euthanize himself.

So he tells his parents, that he wishes to end his life, and they inturn ask him for six more months time, hoping they could persuade him, into changing his desicion.

So Will’s mother employs this pretty girl, Lou who ends up falling in love with Will’s witty nature, and the rest is history.

Things, that I absolutely loved in this movie,

The cast, hats off to Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin,

Emilia Clarke, had portrayed the character of Lou in such ease that at times even I forgot that she was the same girl from game of thrones, a vast difference in acting that would make us to completely forget about the mother of dragon. I also never really realised that she had a very petite body structure, which is completely camouflaged in game of thrones, which is super weird.

And Sam Claflin, Oh god! do I even have to say about his acting?

For a paralysed man, whose acting involves only his face, even during intimate scenes, no hands, no hugs, no pulling the girl close to him,

He made me cry, acting done to absolute perfection that even his fingers throughout the movie would have been kept in a certain way, that will make you  believe that he has no control over his body. His witty nature and his sarcastic comments, would make any girl fall in love with him, paralysed or not.

I was watching few interviews of the cast of me before you, and I also realised that Sam Claflin deserves way more credits for the success of the film, than what was given. Mostly because everyone were more obessed with praising Daenerys Targaryen than the poor paralysed man, too bad.

But at the end of the day, they both made the movie a magic, and I kept wondering, WHY THE HELL DID’NT I WATCH THIS MOVIE EARLIER.

And I think, Ed Sheeran deserves a special mention here, because his background score, has managed to make me cry my eyes out, as if the movie was not sad on its own.

Yes, I did cry for almost the last 20 minutes of the movie, I did feel bad, I hated Will, because I thought he was just being selfish.

But I, loved the movie as a whole, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it took me on a journey that would last forever in my heart.

So for those who have’nt watched the movie yet, please do watch because I loved the movie and do feel free to comment below whether you agree with me or not.

~H.N @MyWideAwake.

Reasons why ME BEFORE YOU ruined me – A thorn for every heart.




Don’t we all?

Once again, she is in those exhausting clothes,

The ones that she couldn’t breath in,

The ones that suffocated her from deep within.

The kind that everyone approved off,

She just wished she could remove them off,

All this for the society,

So much pressure just because she was from the city,

She is sick and tired of camouflaging herself,

All she ever wanted was for her voices to be beheld.

Oh wait, its going to hurt people isn’t it?  Its going to be rude isn’t it?

She wished she could remove those masks,

Remove them all.

She wished to let the world be disgusted of her true face.

She wished to let the hard truth to be spoken.

But wait, don’t we all hide behind those masks to seem more dignified?

Don’t we all maintain a dignified silence?



13 Reasons Why- For better or worst?

13 Reasons Why.
One of the most talked about television series right now.

I just finished watching the first season. I’m not gonna spoil it for those who are gonna watch it. I love the message of the show that bullying in any form isn’t acceptable. And that no one can know what anyone is going through completely and we can’t understand it perfectly so watch what you say and do.

But what I didn’t like about the show is that it may have glamorised a very sensitive issue.
Like the message of the show, we don’t know what will trigger whom HOW. Unintentionally, parts of the show could be interpreted in a way that says you have to end your life to get justice or find peace. Neither of which is true.
A TV show that is targeted at young audience should ensure that they send the message across at least a little clearer than 13 reasons why did.
If you haven’t watched it already, please please DO NOT watch it if you’re very sensitive to emotional issues and there’s even a remote chance it’ll affect you.
Some of it was too intense for me to take, not because I was sensitive to it but because my mind kept racing thinking, ‘WHAT IF SOMEONE IN A BAD PLACE IS WATCHING THIS?’ Because they shouldn’t be.
So don’t watch it if you’re not at a high point in your life.
The ‘Hey! I WATCHED IT TOO!’*high five* is not worth it.
Overall, brilliant show with a very much needed message. Just think twice before you decide to watch it.

@MyWideAwake  #ReviewBlog.

13 Reasons Why- For better or worst?

Those five people that we need the most!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Noelle L. Reagan Founder& Owner of: Made Up by Reagan Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living and Writing Writer It’s been said that we become a sum of the five people we spend most of our time with. Think about that for a moment… Who are your five people? Are you horrified at […]

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The cusp of growing up, the point of transition between two different states.

Something that we all certainly forget to acknowledge is the difference between aging and growing up.

Most people have a cup of coffee and study, get their degree, successfully find a parking space, empty their credit card, get a full time job, get married, have children and call themselves grown up’s.

Well I guess that is called as aging and not as maturity.

Maturity is when you don’t just say you would keep it a secret, but you do it.

Maturity is when you help someone in need without expecting anything in return, or in better words maturity is when you help someone in need without uploading that scene on any social media.

Maturity is when you stand by your loved one, when they needed you the most.

Maturity is when you pay off your friends debts, without expecting them to know it.

Maturity is saying sorry, when you know you are wrong.

Do you realize that all the above said words, involves two people.

Because maturity is when other peoples feelings matter more than your own.OOTB_When_I_Grow_Up_12_OOTBEventPage

The cusp of growing up,

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” , Well that’s easy to say.

Facing life’s challenges are not as easy as it sounds, When life throws you a rotten lemon, what would you do?

Don’t just age, get matured! Learn to question your mistakes, respect others feelings.

And trust me, when you do this, they will be the person standing next to you and trying to save you from all those dirty rotten lemons that life throws at you.




Filter yourself: Sometimes you are the toxic one.

Hi my beautiful friends,

Do you find it weird that everytime you are around your friends something goes wrong to them,

Do you find it weird that everytime you are around the problem just gets bigger and bigger,

Do you find it hard to realize that you are the toxic one here,


It’s very easy to analyse this,

Do you hate it when someone betrays you?

But do you feel its fine to betray someone else around you when it comes to your own good?

Come on, lets be honest for once,

We have all been in that one situation where we choose our self benefits over the good for others.

When it comes to others, rules are rules, but when it comes to a situation  that benefites ourselves we happen to work our mind around the saying “Everything is fair in love and war”.

Being selfish is fine at times, because we are all humans, but when your selfishness knocks out your conscious and sucks out the pleasure or pride of others, its not fine.

Seriously, the first step in changing yourselves is admitting that you are the toxic one, and just stay out of any situation which will only bring pain for others.

Because sometimes, you are the mean one,

You are the negative and pessimistic one,

You are the jealous one,

You are the one that adds fuel to the fire.

Because here’s the truth – chances are, at some point or another, you have been toxic to someone.
Just be cautious and filter that toxic part of you,
Forget your past, because everyone makes mistakes,
Learn to be good and do good in the future.

India and her contradictions the simple truth-It was a spring of hope, it was a winter of despair.

“India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.”
― Shashi Tharoor



We stand fourth amongst the most dangerous country for women, and our best universities in the country shockened to make it into the top 300 at most every year.

Using the most parsimonious definition of the poverty line, there are at least 300 million extreme poor in India, living on less than simply a dollar a day.

An India that has a higher mortality rate higher than that of Sudan, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,

It was a spring of hope, it was a winter of despair,

We were all going to heaven, or  we were all going direct the other way.

Indians are forced to recall the memories of reading opening passage of Charles Dickens “The tale of two cities”, the exact description of India’s contradictory condition.

Mera Bharat Mahan, yes we must accept that, we are a great nation, but with  a little bit of confusion.

So lets break it down to what independence means to us, and lets move beyond the cliche, that independence means freedom with responsibility,

I personally believe that independence in a non so properly defined institutional setting, be it a nation or a small organisation cannot be absolute in itself because of its limitation of being exercised in an institution which is not capable of defining its foundation because of its complex nature.

A very misunderstood institution means unnecessary hierarchy, it means division, it means procedure, and it eventually curbs freedom.

In short we think we are free, we think we are independent, but in reality we are not.

Our institutions are weakening day by day,

Lets take day to day examples,

Lets take a leisure walk in the pavement of Lajpat nagar, you have have a very strong prerequisite, you have to be a very trained athlete in 400m hurdles to walk without falling down a manhole or getting hit by a truck.

You can not be with the person you love, and no I am not talking about educative rights, we will talk about it but later. I am talking about Interfaith marriage or Inter-caste marriages without fear of extreme social pressure.

Education or the lack of it in our schooling systems that push a million students to wait a spot in war that force their creative minds into a clinically depressed state at that very young age itself.

As per the words of political scientists in India we have this syndrome called the “EMPIRE TO NATION”, syndrome.

Which means, freeing the nation from colonial rule, without freeing the people and the society from the deep rooted feudal colonial class in administrative systems.

Now leaders of our freedom struggle they took over as rulers of secular democratic state delivered to them by cesarean surgery, a visible gap is observed in the democracy that is formed in the constitution and the democracy that is practiced in every day to day life, in the political process.

When the poor are too many and the rich are relatively few, the democracy tends to be for the few rather than the many.

When there is a problem in understanding the system, that’s the hazard, without understanding the complex system who will talk the ownership.

When there is no ownership there will be a threat to the oneness of the nation.

People must be contented, they must be happy, they must live in peace and harmony, all will be possible only by proper governance for which we need people and a strong state, and hence strong leaders who can shoulder the responsibilities of all the 121 crores of Indian lives, in our society ready to be guided by the leaders, who will accept the challenge to honestly lead your principles, dignity and prosperity.


Don’t turn around and look up to another person for leadership, he is looking up to you.

Take control of your countries destiny, think of a wonderful future in which India is a beautiful place, and people from other nation adhere to the example set by our nation and they want to live in a place like India.

Let us join hands together in the mission of making India proud.

Jai Hind.

~H.N @MyWideAwake.

India and her contradictions-It was a spring of hope, it was a winter of despair.

If parents worried about their sons instead of their daughters – QUESTIONING CAPABILITIES.


PARENTS to their SON:

Hey, Where are you going?

What time will you be back?

Who is dropping you?

Do you have a girl to accompany you?

Have you gone crazy? Go change your clothes.

Why do you have such a small mentality?

Dear son, we trust you, we just do not trust the world.

Son, if you have to go alone, at least carry basic empathy, and fundamental human ethics with you, okay?

Do you have the pepper spray that I gave you?

You’r sexism is showing, cover it.

Boys from good homes, do not show skin.

At anytime if you feel that you will be a threat to any woman’s safety, the just call us, we will come and pick you up.

It is unsafe to go out at night, what if you molest someone.

Come back home before sunset.

Going out for clubbing? Then do not drink much, because you know how boys forget about moral ethics after they get drunk.

If you are coming late, make sure a girl drops you, just so you do not harass anyone.

Why did not you pick up my call, I gave you twenty missed calls.

We were just worried that you were harassing some girl.

Be careful son, because at night a lone boy is a threat to the society.

You better be very careful son!

~So all girls have heard those “don’t show skin, don’t go out late at nights”, words from their parents, but what if for a change parents, instead of obstructing a girls freedom, obstruct a man’s  lawless capabilities, won’t our cities be safer for women, and won’t this world be a better place to live in.

So don’t restrict you daughter’s but instead teach your son’s what is empathy.


If parents worried about their sons instead of their daughters – QUESTIONING CAPABILITIES.








Deja vu – Clinging on to the past.

Hi my beautiful friends,

2016 was a dull year for me to be honest, it was a year full of disappointments for me.

Welcome 2017, two steps forward and one step back, here I am once again feeling broke and broken hearted at the same time.

It has been almost ten days past new year and its like déjà vu, a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.


Today was a day which I was looking forward to since the past week, I had a very important work today which I missed (actually I decided not to show up) and ended up staying home, which I obviously did not put to any use, I just ended up eating and sleeping the whole day.

All for nothing,

Have you ever had that feeling where you eagerly wait for someday or something or someone in life, you end up handpicking what clothes to wear, what way to prepare you hair and so on, but when that moment actually arrives right before you, you give up just because you feel uninspired all of a sudden.

That is exactly what happened to me today, I woke up half past my lunch time, brushed my teeth and ended up drinking four cups of coffee the first thing in the morning,

huh actually afternoon.

And then what did I  do,

Of course think about my problems over and over again, until I started feeling like my brain would burst if I spent anymore time dwelling over my past.

But then when reality hit me hard, I just knew no matter how much I wish to runaway from my situation, I am just going to have to face it the next day.

Its better to get over with situations now rather than tomorrow,

If this thought had ever occurred to me yesterday, I probably would not have spent today whining away, because all I did today was worry about how things would have been if I had been there.

Sometimes we regret things that we did not do rather that the things that we did do.

Deja vu – Clinging on to the past.