Every day a small piece of you fades away!

Every day a small piece of you fades away!imagesYou’re running out of time, chasing dreams but it takes a while for you to realize that, everyday a small piece of you dies.

You look back and all you see is yourself chasing clouds. Although it had taken a while for you to realize that life is not about chasing a profession, but it is all about chasing a passion, your passion. The one thing that makes you pull yourself out of bed in the morning without asking yourself for another five minutes of sleep. The one thing that makes you dream when you are awake. The one thing that makes you keep on moving forward even during the hardest of times.

So do not let yourself fade away, let your moments become memories, so that someday when you look back at yourself you will not see the person that the world has pushed you to become, but instead you will see the real you, and remember never let the things that get you through the day, to fade away.



conversehoyitosdok1 As Rebecca pulled Hailey back into her house, she was constantly muttering about how shabby Hailey looked. Though Hailey was offended, she never really rebuttaled with Rebecca because she had strong beliefs in not dressing up for other. She lived for her self, or in better words she did not dress up for others because she was too enraged with her life that she could not give any less care to her wardrobe.

On the other hand Rebecca was astonished that Hailey did not defend herself, even though Hailey was always the poised one amoung the two of them, She would never let anyone taunt her. Rebecca had always admired Hailey for her confidence and her way of approaching people, which she certainly lacked at present.

Rebecca sighed in distress as she emptied her handbag onto Hailey’s matress. As she turned Hailey heard a series of sluttering sounds and wondered what it was. To her surprise she found a bunch of items belonging to Rebecca’s makeup kit. Rebecca as hyper as ever took each of those items in her hand and went, “So, since there is no time to change your clothes” She said in a uneasy tone, and continued,” Lets just cover those dark circles under those eyes with these, she said as she handed a concealer to Hailey. Rebecca did not stop with that, she followed by giving Hailey an eyeliner. “Good lord, no Reb” Hailey pushed away Rebecca’s hand as she had no intrest in being groomed right then.

Forced and annoyed by Rebecca Hailey ended up with a laid-back crooked eyeliner cover by tons of eyeshadow applied by  Rebecca. Once Rebecca was satisfied with Haileys face she moved on to her shoes, Rebecca was never one of those girls who enjoyed wearing a converse, where as Hailey was quite the opposite. After argung for about half an hour they finally exited the house and entered Rebecca’s car. Hailey was quite happy as she did  not give into Rebecca,s idea of wearing  stilletos. There was nothing better thangood old jeans and a pair of comfortable converse for her.

They travelled for about an hour and a half and finally they had reached the office.

“Finally” Hailey said in relief as she entered the room, as she heard a familiar voice she turned to her left, and she saw…

-Stay tuned for the continuation of the chapter “Crooked”.







For the first time in FOREVER!


For the first time in forever I feel the real me. Though bought up in a sturdy ambience, when its time to face the real world I would hear my voice stammering. After making the hard and fast desicions about college, here I am once again writing in regret, because writing is all I have ever wanted to do. Here I am swallowing my pride about becoming a doctor because I lost myself in the way. This blog is not the path for others to realize who they really are but for myself to realize who I have become!

– Gist of my life and stay tuned for more MYWIDEAWAKE moments!

Where are you now?

2“There is something about the way the boulevard look after a rain.” She thought as she peeked out of the window in the morning after a long nights rain. The way it glowed bought his virtuous face before her, She wondered how he would have laughed at her sight of the road.”Where are you now?,”She thought to herself,”Was it all in my fantasy? Were you only imaginary?”

It was not long after when she received a call from her friend Rebecca, inviting her for a team meeting. She hushed and got into her usual attire. As she was waiting for Rebecca to pick her up, old memories flashed across her mind, days when she thought “I don’t know if life could get any better than this”, when he held her hands after a long day of work. She admired everything about him, his eyes, his silky straight hair, his old denim shirt, and the way he would pronounce her name “Hailey” in his quirky british accent. The mere thought of him bought tears to her eyes.

“Beep”, She heard the sound of her friends car horn, she rushed towards Rebecca, who was wearing a little black dress and her favourite stilettos by the way which was extremely casual for her. While Rebecca stood in silence pacing her head up and down as though she was scanning Hailey.

“Dude” They both screamed looking at each other, Rebecca said “Are you going for a pyjama party?”, while Hailey exclaimed “Reb! Are you going for a date or something!” They both laughed at each other and hugged as it had been a while since they have met each other.

“Bitch, have you grown?” Rebecca said, teasing her height. “We are going to have a big day, so lets go in and get you all dolled up!” She exclaimed and pulled Hailey back into her house.

“Its going to be a long day”, Hailey thought to herself in distress.

-Stay tuned for the continuation of the chapter “Where are you now”.