2016. What can I say? 2017 needs hope and prayers.

2016. What can I say?
Being on the last page of this book gives me chills down my spine. This Journey was intimidating yet beautiful. A big thank you to everyone for being a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter or the entire book itself and for making me a part of yours too. I’m taking ahead memories, both good and bad to reminisce ,subsequently making me a stronger human than I was.new-year-03.jpg

I’d like to pen down this last page for all the people we lost this year – to war, to calamities, to betrayal ; anything! To families who ain’t as fortunate as we are, to the children who are longing for love and support, to the woman who have been disrespected, to the mothers, without whom we wouldn’t be who we are today, to the nation for all their selfless deeds to the society, to everything!

2017 needs hope and prayers.

It needs you. It needs us. Break out of your cocoon, find yourself, unleash the best version of you. Let’s all hope we do good things for the world and always believe in a miracle. Stay blessed.
Here I raise my glass to make a toast! To 2016!

2016. What can I say? 2017 needs hope and prayers.


Hi my beautiful friends!

It’s the season to be happy isn’t it!


But why is  that every single year I end up feeling upset about something or the other on the day of christmas.

I have listed out the five major reasons that make me queasy during christmas,

1. CATEGORIZING YOUR FRIENDS:                                                                                                                           Oh hell, don’t even get me started on this one. Have you ever experienced this situation? Where you categorize friends and write down to whom you would buy gifts, to whom you send out gift cards, and to whom you just wish merry christmas through text.                                                                                                                                                                                                  If not then you are just simply a better person than me,

I experience this every year and it frustrates me like hell. I just hate doing this, its like categorizing your loved  ones into good friends, descent friends and bad friends.

But here it goes, there are no descent friends or bad friends, there are just friends, friends are supposed to be good aren’t they? If not, why the hell are they your friends in the first place?


So after crossing the stage one of categorizing our friends, we end up in the mall, trying to get our mind wrapped around the one thing that our friend wiould like.

We end up examining each and every store and still we couldn’t get our head focused on one thing. We want to buy almost everything that we see, but we are just broke to do that.


Just incase if we have two best friends whom we value equally and we end up buying one cheap gift for one and an expensive for the other one.

We are screwed, cause we end up deeply regretting it, even though we know for a fact that  our close ones wouldn’t comment or criticize on it, we still feel bad, don’t we.


Good lord, again presents, what to buy? And supposing if we receive the name of the person whom we don’t know that well, we just end up breaking our heads with what to buy for them.

By luck if we receive the name of a person that we don’t like, that means war doesn’t it, we end up using that chance and give them something lame, well to be honest, this part of christmas is super fun!

But to our rescue we all have that one friend who ends up telling everyone whose name they received. What fun is it in playing secret santa without that big mouthed friend!


There is nothing in this world that makes me feel worst than a situation where someone upexpectedly  gifts me, well you may wonder what wrong with such a situation, in fact that I am just lucky to have such friends.

Of course I am lucky to have them, but they aren’t lucky to have me as their friend.

Because I end up empty-hand, and I do not give them anything in return, since I had absolutely no idea about their “SURPRISE PLAN”, they should have given me a heads-up atleast.

So at the end of the day I am the one that receives the gift and yet I feel bad,

Could life get any worse?

~In the headache of treating christmas as day for giving presents and as a bounty for ones previous action, we end up forgetting the true meaning of christmas.

Its all about love, sharing and giving,

ITS NOT ALL ABOUT GIFTS, don’t get me wrong, gifts do encourage the spirit of christmas, but that surely doesn’t show how much a person loves you.

Just because someone gets you a great gift, that doesn’t mean they are your best friend, and just because your best friend does’t get you a great present, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.



Discover the beauty that shines within!

Hi my beautiful friends!

So did you just discover that you are fat and ugly? Did  you just realized that you have terrible acne scars and an ugly nose and the word thigh gap has never existed in your body’s dictionary?

Well if your answer is YES YES AND YES, then;

Welcome to the club! I just want you to know that you are not alone.


We all have our barbie looking skinny peers, and then there is us. There are a lot of people who are not afraid to give their opinions whether they are hurtful or not. People who laugh and stare. People who watch you eat and make snarky comments about it.

Remember they try to hurt you just to hide their own insecurities, they pry and bully you only because it gives them the power of superiority, they do it just so that you do not do it to them first, because remember everyone has their own flaws.

Tell yourself everyday that there are no scars in your soul and that you are beautiful. Don’t try to hide your differences because that is what makes you stand out in the real world!

What you do have to discover is not the marks on you skin,

but the light that shines within,

because remember beauty lies within.


Discover the beauty that shines within!


Though a fortune spent on her education, SHE EXITED THROUGH A DOOR THAT SAID ENTER.

Hi my beautiful friends!

So we all have dreams, don’t we?

But are aspirations just enough for us to pursue our field of carrier?

Well if your answer is yes, then you are just luckier than most of us, and by us I mean those who live life in vain by going to college and studying a course which is just not their ,”cup of tea”.

I do not know about the rest of the world but in India we have have a terrible system of education which merely does not test the intelligence of the student, but tests their memory power instead.

It sounds fair doesn’t it!

What if? you are not intelligent, nor a student with a good memory power, what do you do then.

Huh! don’t worry we Indian’s have a solution for that too, want to know what?

Duh! its MONEY,


In India you would find the half-witted students studying in Medical colleges and smart kids pursuing a non-professional course, wondering how that is even possible?

Duh-you again!- Its money.

MONEY MONEY AND MONEY is all that matters here.

Parents are ready to spend a fortune on their kids so that their children can get descent education in India, well to be honest I don’t even blame them, because according to most of our Indian parents there are only three professions their child should consider, and they are -Doctors, engineers and charted accountants.

And by chance if their child wishes to consider other options in choosing their college course, they are treated as though they have done something morally incorrect.

I believe the society must change its conviction, the world is growing fast, but we in terms of morality are still lagging behind.

P.S: I pray with my hands on my heart for these college going kids, good luck in facing the world!

Though a fortune spent on her education, SHE EXITED THROUGH A DOOR THAT SAID ENTER.




Women on periods and mood disorders- DEDICATED TO ALL MEN OUT THERE!

Hi my beautiful friends!

This post is especially dedicated to all those men out there.

Dear men,

                 Before you make that next “she is being being moody because she is on her period” comment, you hve to know something, and that is the fact that periods don’t make women moody. The real enemy here is PMS, or premenstrual syndrome.

The ovaries produce hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that maintains the endometrium (inner layer of uterus) in a stable state inorder to support the fertilized ova or the zygote(single cell stage) of the foetus.

Incase there is no fertilization, in the absence of sperm, these hormones enter the blood stream and mess up the girls brain and makes her susceptible to be more cranky than usual.

Sounds fun huh!

So men, the next time the woman in your life seems moody, deal with it. After all, without the byproduct of PMS, the very existence of our species may be altered. It’s a small price to pay for being born.


Women on periods and mood disorders- DEDICATED TO ALL MEN OUT THERE!




There are so many voices that keeps telling us what to do, where to go, which path to follow?

These voices that tell us to never quit, to keep moving ahead, to not look back, to think bigger, to dress better, to speak with conscious, to create brighter goals, to start a firm, to become a boss.

Last but not the least, “To earn more”. As we all know it all comes down to this- Making money.

In the battle between choosing whats right and wrong for us, we often forget to do what morally correct, we forget the true meaning of friendships, trust, honesty and standards.

Well here is the spoiler alert, the money you earn does not stick for long, where as on the contrary the love and trust you earn from your beloved lasts for eternity.

The problem is we often don’t know from what perspective these voices are coming from and if their advice will fit us right.

So learn to remove impurities from your inner voices and accept the ones that make you a better person.

Don’t forget to remind those inner voices that if you have a bunch of trustworthy people in your life, you are richer than you think.



sWhile Casey was pouring the black coffee into her cup, she heard the footsteps of Caleb, she turned to see him coming.

He entered and was attired in his favourite grey jacket,”Hello”,She said as a reflex to seeing him,”Hi”, he replied, folding his sleeves.

He found it unusual that she was pouring black coffee into her cup at eleven o’clock as it was half past her bed time.He knew something was wrong.

“What happened?”, he blurted out in curiosity, “I got rejected from college”, She said as she could feel her throat getting choked.

“What?”, he asked in a confused tone,”And that too by text”, she said as she raised her hands in the air as though she knew it was going to happen.

She fell on the couch, and as her back hit the soft feathers of the three seater, she felt as thought life had hit her hard like a ton of rocks.

She took her cellphone out and handed it over to him,”You have abused the generosity of this organisation and have chosen to pursue partisan interest over the greater good.” It said.

“Well they are wrong”, he said, supporting his girlfriend as he knew she had given up in life. “No they are not”, she said accepting her defeat.

“I have been rather distracted lately”, she said with her face facing the floor, she was too embarrassed to face him right then.

As he sat down beside her in a hush and he placed his hands on her lap hoping it will make her feel better.

He pressed his hands tighter on her lap and said,”What are you going to do now”.

“I don’t know”, she said in a mild tone. She buried her face inside the palms of her hands, and continued,”Leave the town and stay with my mothers transition team or take a gap year.”

“Well then, what would be stopping you?” he asked in mixed emotions.

“This town has its own particular gravity”, She said rolling her eyes. He knew she was referring to her stalker who had been petrifying her for months. He felt bitter because he knew he could do nothing to save her from the situation.

All he could do was put his hand around her and hoped that his sacred love will show him the way to help her get through such a situation.

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fp6kntWhile Francis, king of France walked into his chambers, he heard the voice of his most beloved wife, “Its a message from Elizabeth, queen of England herself, she wants to marry Charles”, Said Mary queen of Scotland in an excited tone.

“What, but why?”,he asked her, astonished.                                                                                                     She said, “The answers are there in her terms, as the battle of Scotland and England is still rageing on”.

“But she is so close to an advantage”, He said cutting her off in the middle of  the sentence, “But she does not know that”, She said in her defence, she continued,”She does not know how close we are in being incapable to raising French troops, let alone the Scotish ones, this is a drain on our resources and England’s too, there could not be a better timing Francis”, She said in desperation to save her countrymen.

“We will find the money, Mary”, He assured her.

“This war will keep going back and fourth until it all blurs into a bloody endless stalemate,  the real war is between me and her, my claim to her throne”, She continued,”Her ministers might have finally realized it and are  probably pressuring her”, She said.

“But her engagement with Charles creates an alliance”, He said.

“By agreeing to this alliance we will call it even with Elizabeth in one area”.She replied.

“We will not be even, Mary”, He said.

“No, she will have a prince and I will have a king”, She said, her eyes filled with pride.

“We can not do this” He said.

“Why?”, She shrieked in anger.

“Because I am dying”, He said, “They told me if the pain returned, I will not survive for long”, He said.

After a long pause he continued, “It has returned”.

Tears filled her eyes as she ran towards him and hugged him, she held him as tight as possible as though it will save him from leaving this world.

Five years passed by, and here she was walking beside the walls of the castle, where every brick reminded her of him, tears filled her eyes once again when she thought about the day when he enclosed to her that he was dying. Even thought he was gone, his voice and flashbacks echoed against those walls.


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