fp6kntWhile Francis, king of France walked into his chambers, he heard the voice of his most beloved wife, “Its a message from Elizabeth, queen of England herself, she wants to marry Charles”, Said Mary queen of Scotland in an excited tone.

“What, but why?”,he asked her, astonished.                                                                                                     She said, “The answers are there in her terms, as the battle of Scotland and England is still rageing on”.

“But she is so close to an advantage”, He said cutting her off in the middle of  the sentence, “But she does not know that”, She said in her defence, she continued,”She does not know how close we are in being incapable to raising French troops, let alone the Scotish ones, this is a drain on our resources and England’s too, there could not be a better timing Francis”, She said in desperation to save her countrymen.

“We will find the money, Mary”, He assured her.

“This war will keep going back and fourth until it all blurs into a bloody endless stalemate,  the real war is between me and her, my claim to her throne”, She continued,”Her ministers might have finally realized it and are  probably pressuring her”, She said.

“But her engagement with Charles creates an alliance”, He said.

“By agreeing to this alliance we will call it even with Elizabeth in one area”.She replied.

“We will not be even, Mary”, He said.

“No, she will have a prince and I will have a king”, She said, her eyes filled with pride.

“We can not do this” He said.

“Why?”, She shrieked in anger.

“Because I am dying”, He said, “They told me if the pain returned, I will not survive for long”, He said.

After a long pause he continued, “It has returned”.

Tears filled her eyes as she ran towards him and hugged him, she held him as tight as possible as though it will save him from leaving this world.

Five years passed by, and here she was walking beside the walls of the castle, where every brick reminded her of him, tears filled her eyes once again when she thought about the day when he enclosed to her that he was dying. Even thought he was gone, his voice and flashbacks echoed against those walls.


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