sWhile Casey was pouring the black coffee into her cup, she heard the footsteps of Caleb, she turned to see him coming.

He entered and was attired in his favourite grey jacket,”Hello”,She said as a reflex to seeing him,”Hi”, he replied, folding his sleeves.

He found it unusual that she was pouring black coffee into her cup at eleven o’clock as it was half past her bed time.He knew something was wrong.

“What happened?”, he blurted out in curiosity, “I got rejected from college”, She said as she could feel her throat getting choked.

“What?”, he asked in a confused tone,”And that too by text”, she said as she raised her hands in the air as though she knew it was going to happen.

She fell on the couch, and as her back hit the soft feathers of the three seater, she felt as thought life had hit her hard like a ton of rocks.

She took her cellphone out and handed it over to him,”You have abused the generosity of this organisation and have chosen to pursue partisan interest over the greater good.” It said.

“Well they are wrong”, he said, supporting his girlfriend as he knew she had given up in life. “No they are not”, she said accepting her defeat.

“I have been rather distracted lately”, she said with her face facing the floor, she was too embarrassed to face him right then.

As he sat down beside her in a hush and he placed his hands on her lap hoping it will make her feel better.

He pressed his hands tighter on her lap and said,”What are you going to do now”.

“I don’t know”, she said in a mild tone. She buried her face inside the palms of her hands, and continued,”Leave the town and stay with my mothers transition team or take a gap year.”

“Well then, what would be stopping you?” he asked in mixed emotions.

“This town has its own particular gravity”, She said rolling her eyes. He knew she was referring to her stalker who had been petrifying her for months. He felt bitter because he knew he could do nothing to save her from the situation.

All he could do was put his hand around her and hoped that his sacred love will show him the way to help her get through such a situation.

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