There are so many voices that keeps telling us what to do, where to go, which path to follow?

These voices that tell us to never quit, to keep moving ahead, to not look back, to think bigger, to dress better, to speak with conscious, to create brighter goals, to start a firm, to become a boss.

Last but not the least, “To earn more”. As we all know it all comes down to this- Making money.

In the battle between choosing whats right and wrong for us, we often forget to do what morally correct, we forget the true meaning of friendships, trust, honesty and standards.

Well here is the spoiler alert, the money you earn does not stick for long, where as on the contrary the love and trust you earn from your beloved lasts for eternity.

The problem is we often don’t know from what perspective these voices are coming from and if their advice will fit us right.

So learn to remove impurities from your inner voices and accept the ones that make you a better person.

Don’t forget to remind those inner voices that if you have a bunch of trustworthy people in your life, you are richer than you think.


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