Discover the beauty that shines within!

Hi my beautiful friends!

So did you just discover that you are fat and ugly? Did  you just realized that you have terrible acne scars and an ugly nose and the word thigh gap has never existed in your body’s dictionary?

Well if your answer is YES YES AND YES, then;

Welcome to the club! I just want you to know that you are not alone.


We all have our barbie looking skinny peers, and then there is us. There are a lot of people who are not afraid to give their opinions whether they are hurtful or not. People who laugh and stare. People who watch you eat and make snarky comments about it.

Remember they try to hurt you just to hide their own insecurities, they pry and bully you only because it gives them the power of superiority, they do it just so that you do not do it to them first, because remember everyone has their own flaws.

Tell yourself everyday that there are no scars in your soul and that you are beautiful. Don’t try to hide your differences because that is what makes you stand out in the real world!

What you do have to discover is not the marks on you skin,

but the light that shines within,

because remember beauty lies within.


Discover the beauty that shines within!


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