Hi my beautiful friends!

It’s the season to be happy isn’t it!


But why is  that every single year I end up feeling upset about something or the other on the day of christmas.

I have listed out the five major reasons that make me queasy during christmas,

1. CATEGORIZING YOUR FRIENDS:                                                                                                                           Oh hell, don’t even get me started on this one. Have you ever experienced this situation? Where you categorize friends and write down to whom you would buy gifts, to whom you send out gift cards, and to whom you just wish merry christmas through text.                                                                                                                                                                                                  If not then you are just simply a better person than me,

I experience this every year and it frustrates me like hell. I just hate doing this, its like categorizing your loved  ones into good friends, descent friends and bad friends.

But here it goes, there are no descent friends or bad friends, there are just friends, friends are supposed to be good aren’t they? If not, why the hell are they your friends in the first place?


So after crossing the stage one of categorizing our friends, we end up in the mall, trying to get our mind wrapped around the one thing that our friend wiould like.

We end up examining each and every store and still we couldn’t get our head focused on one thing. We want to buy almost everything that we see, but we are just broke to do that.


Just incase if we have two best friends whom we value equally and we end up buying one cheap gift for one and an expensive for the other one.

We are screwed, cause we end up deeply regretting it, even though we know for a fact that  our close ones wouldn’t comment or criticize on it, we still feel bad, don’t we.


Good lord, again presents, what to buy? And supposing if we receive the name of the person whom we don’t know that well, we just end up breaking our heads with what to buy for them.

By luck if we receive the name of a person that we don’t like, that means war doesn’t it, we end up using that chance and give them something lame, well to be honest, this part of christmas is super fun!

But to our rescue we all have that one friend who ends up telling everyone whose name they received. What fun is it in playing secret santa without that big mouthed friend!


There is nothing in this world that makes me feel worst than a situation where someone upexpectedly  gifts me, well you may wonder what wrong with such a situation, in fact that I am just lucky to have such friends.

Of course I am lucky to have them, but they aren’t lucky to have me as their friend.

Because I end up empty-hand, and I do not give them anything in return, since I had absolutely no idea about their “SURPRISE PLAN”, they should have given me a heads-up atleast.

So at the end of the day I am the one that receives the gift and yet I feel bad,

Could life get any worse?

~In the headache of treating christmas as day for giving presents and as a bounty for ones previous action, we end up forgetting the true meaning of christmas.

Its all about love, sharing and giving,

ITS NOT ALL ABOUT GIFTS, don’t get me wrong, gifts do encourage the spirit of christmas, but that surely doesn’t show how much a person loves you.

Just because someone gets you a great gift, that doesn’t mean they are your best friend, and just because your best friend does’t get you a great present, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.



12 thoughts on “5 WAYS IN WHICH CHRISTMAS SCREWED ME-Every single year.

  1. Our two good friends are busy with their own families at Christmas and we long ago stopped exchanging gifts on official holidays. We just give each other stuff when we see something we think they might like and we can afford it. In fact, we do the same with each other. I give tokens to our kids and their kids with a promise to go shop the post-Christmas sales later. It has taken that sharp edge off the holiday. FINALLY I enjoy it.

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  2. Omg, this is so relatable. A friend (categorised in to ‘bad friend’) told me she got me a present, but heck no was I getting her a gift! 😂 I did feel a bit guilty after but I’d rather donate to WWF than get her a gift. I hope your future christmas is less stressful. Good luck! -Rose24 xxx

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