Deja vu – Clinging on to the past.

Hi my beautiful friends,

2016 was a dull year for me to be honest, it was a year full of disappointments for me.

Welcome 2017, two steps forward and one step back, here I am once again feeling broke and broken hearted at the same time.

It has been almost ten days past new year and its like déjà vu, a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.


Today was a day which I was looking forward to since the past week, I had a very important work today which I missed (actually I decided not to show up) and ended up staying home, which I obviously did not put to any use, I just ended up eating and sleeping the whole day.

All for nothing,

Have you ever had that feeling where you eagerly wait for someday or something or someone in life, you end up handpicking what clothes to wear, what way to prepare you hair and so on, but when that moment actually arrives right before you, you give up just because you feel uninspired all of a sudden.

That is exactly what happened to me today, I woke up half past my lunch time, brushed my teeth and ended up drinking four cups of coffee the first thing in the morning,

huh actually afternoon.

And then what did I  do,

Of course think about my problems over and over again, until I started feeling like my brain would burst if I spent anymore time dwelling over my past.

But then when reality hit me hard, I just knew no matter how much I wish to runaway from my situation, I am just going to have to face it the next day.

Its better to get over with situations now rather than tomorrow,

If this thought had ever occurred to me yesterday, I probably would not have spent today whining away, because all I did today was worry about how things would have been if I had been there.

Sometimes we regret things that we did not do rather that the things that we did do.

Deja vu – Clinging on to the past.




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