13 Reasons Why- For better or worst?

13 Reasons Why.
One of the most talked about television series right now.

I just finished watching the first season. I’m not gonna spoil it for those who are gonna watch it. I love the message of the show that bullying in any form isn’t acceptable. And that no one can know what anyone is going through completely and we can’t understand it perfectly so watch what you say and do.

But what I didn’t like about the show is that it may have glamorised a very sensitive issue.
Like the message of the show, we don’t know what will trigger whom HOW. Unintentionally, parts of the show could be interpreted in a way that says you have to end your life to get justice or find peace. Neither of which is true.
A TV show that is targeted at young audience should ensure that they send the message across at least a little clearer than 13 reasons why did.
If you haven’t watched it already, please please DO NOT watch it if you’re very sensitive to emotional issues and there’s even a remote chance it’ll affect you.
Some of it was too intense for me to take, not because I was sensitive to it but because my mind kept racing thinking, ‘WHAT IF SOMEONE IN A BAD PLACE IS WATCHING THIS?’ Because they shouldn’t be.
So don’t watch it if you’re not at a high point in your life.
The ‘Hey! I WATCHED IT TOO!’*high five* is not worth it.
Overall, brilliant show with a very much needed message. Just think twice before you decide to watch it.

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13 Reasons Why- For better or worst?

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