Reasons why ME BEFORE YOU ruined me – A thorn for every heart.

Hi, my beautiful friends,

I know that I am writing about a film, that was released almost a year ago, I know I am late, but please bear with me,

The reason why I didn’t watch this movie before, was because I simply cried watching the trailer. I have no clue why, those two minutes affected me so much, that I decided to NEVER watch that movie. I am the kind of person that watches movies only when I am sad, or when I am extremely stressed, when I need a serious distraction, and so, I watch only movies that have a happy ending.


Like literally, I make sure that the movies that I watch does not include, cancer or any other medical condition (where the characters die) or a depressing love story.

Unfortunately ME BEFORE YOU WAS BOTH, it involves a Louisa Clarke (Emilia Clarke) a young charming girl who takes up the job of a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who is paralyzed from an accident.

This was certainly one amoungst those movies that I did’nt want to end, even though the ending was exactly what I did not wish for.

The story revolves around how Will, a typical rich man, who misses his extravagant life after the accident, where he if left paralysed below the level of his neck and how he considers himself a burden to the people around them, that he decides to euthanize himself.

So he tells his parents, that he wishes to end his life, and they inturn ask him for six more months time, hoping they could persuade him, into changing his desicion.

So Will’s mother employs this pretty girl, Lou who ends up falling in love with Will’s witty nature, and the rest is history.

Things, that I absolutely loved in this movie,

The cast, hats off to Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin,

Emilia Clarke, had portrayed the character of Lou in such ease that at times even I forgot that she was the same girl from game of thrones, a vast difference in acting that would make us to completely forget about the mother of dragon. I also never really realised that she had a very petite body structure, which is completely camouflaged in game of thrones, which is super weird.

And Sam Claflin, Oh god! do I even have to say about his acting?

For a paralysed man, whose acting involves only his face, even during intimate scenes, no hands, no hugs, no pulling the girl close to him,

He made me cry, acting done to absolute perfection that even his fingers throughout the movie would have been kept in a certain way, that will make you  believe that he has no control over his body. His witty nature and his sarcastic comments, would make any girl fall in love with him, paralysed or not.

I was watching few interviews of the cast of me before you, and I also realised that Sam Claflin deserves way more credits for the success of the film, than what was given. Mostly because everyone were more obessed with praising Daenerys Targaryen than the poor paralysed man, too bad.

But at the end of the day, they both made the movie a magic, and I kept wondering, WHY THE HELL DID’NT I WATCH THIS MOVIE EARLIER.

And I think, Ed Sheeran deserves a special mention here, because his background score, has managed to make me cry my eyes out, as if the movie was not sad on its own.

Yes, I did cry for almost the last 20 minutes of the movie, I did feel bad, I hated Will, because I thought he was just being selfish.

But I, loved the movie as a whole, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it took me on a journey that would last forever in my heart.

So for those who have’nt watched the movie yet, please do watch because I loved the movie and do feel free to comment below whether you agree with me or not.

~H.N @MyWideAwake.

Reasons why ME BEFORE YOU ruined me – A thorn for every heart.




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