Someday – When I am gone.


Someday, when I am gone,

When I take my last breath,

You are going to miss me when I am gone,

Because the best thing that has ever happened to me is my death.


Someday, when I am gone,

When the last tear of doleful flows from your eye,

You are going to miss me because I left you alone,

Don’t worry, because my soul will be your enwreathe.

~HN @MyWideAwake.

Someday – When I am gone.




No man knows how bad he is,

Until he had tried very hard to be good,

He tries very hard not to sin,

Even though temptation makes his head spin.

A starving man will not think about moral good,

Because all he wants is to fill his stomach with food,

But if temptation, wins over the caution of his kith and kin,

He will not hold high, his chin.